Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria announces Shawn McCallum as its new CEO

April 04, 2023

McCallum brings nearly ten years of healthcare operational leadership to her work with Reunion.

PEORIA, April 4, 2023 —

Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria announced Shawn McCallum as its new CEO. McCallum brings nearly ten years of healthcare operational leadership to her work with Reunion. She most recently served as the CEO of a 40-bed, inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation hospital in Surprise, Arizona.

McCallum holds a master’s degree in nursing (with an emphasis in nursing leadership) from Grand Canyon University. Over the course of her leadership career, she has served as a chief clinical officer, nursing supervisor, and nurse manager for multiple care providers where she has planned, organized, directed, and controlled clinical and financial resources, and developed and reviewed hospital policies, objectives, and operational procedures.

As the Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria CEO, she strives to make Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital a provider and employer of choice throughout Peoria. McCallum will lead the Peoria team to drive positive performance results across the hospital’s clinical, financial, and overall operating capacities. McCallum will also lead the hospital team to provide the exceptional care and positive patient experiences that are hallmarks of Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals.

About Reunion Rehab Hospital Peoria

Reunion Rehabilitation Hospital Peoria, located near downtown Peoria, is designed to provide comprehensive, high-quality post-acute medical rehabilitation therapies to a wide variety of patients. At this 40-bed, state-of-the-art inpatient rehabilitation hospital, our clinical team will embrace new tools and processes to give patients with functional, occupational, or cognitive disorders a positive outcome and an opportunity to return to their active lives. For more information, please visit

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