Patient safety and quality

December 16, 2020

Our patients can rest assured that our hospital environments are safe from harm, and our team members are also trained to provide therapies safely and efficiently using a number of techniques and technologies.

Safety features to address individual needs

To assist our patients in navigating safely during therapy, we have installed non-slip flooring. In addition, your private bathroom has non-slip flooring and comfort height toilets as well. And for those patients who need additional traction, we have special socks that have extra gripping on the soles.

Our rehab teams will assess each patient for their needs. When appropriate, our teams use technology that sounds an alarm on patients who should not move to different sitting or standing positions without assistance.

Our hospitals feature advanced designs that include high-quality air filters, video surveillance systems, electronic door controls at entrances and other high security areas, and increased visibility from our nurses to our patients which promotes a quick response to patients’ needs.

To enhance and encourage communication among patients, patients’ families, and the rehab teams, we have communication boards in each patient’s room, and we chose a specialized electronic health record technology that allows for real-time, interdisciplinary communication between your clinical team members.

We have also installed an advanced nurse call-light system that has additional tools for patients’ safety. Any additional communication needs can be met through our translation services.

Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals promote the highest level of safety and controls around medication prescribing, dispensing and tracking with computer-controlled and bar-coding medication technology.

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