For Patients

We’re here to support you through every step of your recovery with individualized inpatient rehabilitation therapies.

Take back your independence

Studies show that inpatient rehabilitation gives patients a better chance at independence.

No other healthcare setting offers the same access to rehab physicians, specialized therapists, and around-the-clock rehab-trained nurses.

Think inpatient rehabilitation is right for you? Ask your physician and case manager for a referral.

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What to expect

Each patient’s treatment plan is individualized to their needs. Your routine will be rigorous — 15 hours a week — but it will always include time to rest and recharge between treatments.

What to Expect

Our rehabilitation services

We’ll work with your doctors and hospital discharge planners to ensure Reunion is the best fit for your recovery.

Once admitted, you’ll receive an individualized plan of care based on your needs, with treatment supervised by the area’s top rehab physicians.

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Inside our hospitals

We believe patients deserve a safe, state-of-the-art environment and comfortable setting where they can relax after a day of treatment and hard work. Visit a location page to learn more about our amenities and safety features.

Meet your care team

Team members work together to offer patients personal attention and results-focused treatment. Here’s a look at who you’ll interact with.

Physical medicine & rehab physicians

Overall rehab care

Specialize in treating conditions affecting the brain, nerves, spinal cord, bones, joints, and muscles

Internal medicine physicians

Whole-patient health

Monitor additional medical issues that may be exacerbated by a debilitating condition

Consulting physicians

Additional expertise as needed

Provide specialized medical oversight, recommendations, or treatment for patients as requested by our medical staff


Trained in rehabilitation

Available 24/7 to deliver specialized care patients need for their recovery

Case managers

Patient advocates and care coordinators

Assist with admission and discharge, meet regularly with care team, patients, and caregivers about recovery progress

Occupational therapists

Specialists in daily activities

Help patients regain their independence for activities of everyday life: getting dressed, bathing, eating, and more.

Physical therapists

Hands-on help

Provide testing and targeted exercises to improve physical function, strength, balance, and mobility

Speech language pathologists

Experts in communication

Address cognitive issues, speech and comprehension deficits as well as swallowing trouble

CIHQ Accredited Hospital
Committed to Quality

We are committed to delivering quality care in all of our hospitals. We are proud to share that Reunion Dublin and Reunion Dever have received accreditation from the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality.