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Every Reunion team member – from our chefs to our nurses to our CNAs to our therapists – values compassionate and individualized inpatient rehabilitative care. Today, we’re looking at how our team members work together to make every patient’s day.

Rise and Shine

Every morning, a certified nursing assistant or nurse tech will wake you up to check your blood pressure, temperature, breathing, and heartbeat. They’ll also ask you about any pain you may be experiencing and meet with nurses, physicians, and other team members to establish a plan to manage it. Once the CNAs have determined your vitals, they’ll help you shower and address grooming needs, then help you get dressed. During the course of your stay, the techs will provide you with more and more opportunities to dress and care for yourself. We’ve found that building independence over time can drastically improve a patient’s chances of staying out of the hospital for longer.

Once you’re dressed for the day, you’ll head to the dining hall for breakfast. Nutrition has been shown to help your body with wound healing, muscle growth, and metabolism, so it is critical patients manage their diet during treatment. At Reunion, you’ll never have to worry about nutrition. Our chefs work hand-in-hand with our registered dieticians to ensure every meal they make is not only delicious but nutritious.

Morning Therapy

After breakfast, you’ll begin morning therapy sessions. Our team offers three kinds of therapy: physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Reunion patients complete three hours of therapy per day, five days a week and treatment is dependent on your condition and needs. Patients recovering from orthopedic injuries, for example, may spend their morning therapy sessions rebuilding strength in areas of their body impacted by the injury. Reunion therapy gyms contain state-of-the-art technology to support you as you work to regain strength, balance, flexibility, range of motion, and endurance.


After your morning therapy sessions, you’ll return to our dining room to enjoy another meal customized to your treatment needs. Meal times provide you with opportunities to spend time with other patients while refueling for afternoon treatment. If you want some time to yourself, our team is also happy to serve you your meal in your room. Additionally, our chefs can accommodate any dietary restrictions and preferences you may have to ensure you feel comfortable throughout your stay.

Afternoon Therapy

After lunch, it’s back to therapy where you may begin working on your occupational or speech therapy goals. In our Activities of Daily Living suite, you’ll practice completing occupational therapy skills that increase your independence. You may practice getting up from a chair, climbing stairs to train your muscles, or learning how to drive using a therapeutic model of a car.

If you begin speech therapy, you’ll work with a speech-language pathologist (SLP) to improve your communication and/or swallowing abilities. In speech therapy, you may learn to strengthen your tongue or improve your cognitive abilities. You may also work to improve your reading and writing skills.

Break Time

Following your afternoon therapy sessions, you’ll have one more snack and another meal before the day ends. Reunion has ample seating for family and loved ones and many of our patients spend their after-dinner hours relaxing with family and friends. Relaxation is an important part of recovery and studies have shown that social support can also be critical in long-term treatment outcomes, so give yourself time to wind down with the people who most matter to you.

Lights Out

When visiting hours end, our CNAs will help you dress and prepare for bed. Sleep is also a vital part of recovery as your body will use this time to rebuild muscles and process any new information and speech therapy skills you developed during the day. During the night, our team will keep an eye on you and avoid waking you unless it’s necessary. Meanwhile, if you need support during evening hours, our 24-hour nursing team is only a call light away.

Whether it’s day or night, however, the Reunion team is there to provide you with individualized and compassionate care. From our chef-made meals to our customized treatment plans, we optimize your time in treatment so you return to your community with as much independence as possible. If you would like to begin treatment in an inpatient rehabilitation setting personalized to your needs, check out our locations page to schedule a tour at a Reunion near you.

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