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This April, Reunion joins the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise international awareness of health inequities and infectious diseases, while driving patients and families around the world to take action in improving their health and well-being. Many people use World Health Day to examine their lifestyle choices and strategize to improve their diet, get regular exercise, schedule preventative care appointments, and schedule an appointment with a mental healthcare provider. April 7, 2023 marks the 75th anniversary of World Health Day and, though the WHO has previously chosen to raise awareness of specific patient needs (such as maternal health and child care), this year, the WHO is fighting for better Health for All.

While WHO is committed to looking back “at public health successes that have improved quality of life during the last seven decades,” they also encourage observers of World Health Day “to tackle the health challenges of today ̶ and tomorrow.” As an inpatient rehabilitation provider, Reunion shares this mission and we are committed to helping today’s patients improve their quality of life and to work toward a better tomorrow.

In observation of World Health Day, we’re exploring how Reunion upholds the WHO’s 2023 Health for All mission – today and every day – through individualized care, collaborative expertise, and state-of-the-art healing environments.

Individualized care

While Reunion is proud to join the WHO in creating a world in which everyone has access to high-quality healthcare, we believe high-quality care begins with individualized healing. Every member of the Reunion team is committed to creating and implementing a results-oriented treatment plan patients can use to optimize every facet of their recovery. These treatment plans comprise fifteen hours of occupational, physical, and/or speech therapy per week with best-in-class providers. Because of this commitment to results-oriented therapy, many of our patients have been able to return to their communities earlier than patients at comparable hospitals.

Collaborative Expertise

At Reunion, we prioritize collaborative care with both our treatment providers and our patients. Every morning, case managers meet with occupational, physical, and speech therapists; rehabilitative and consulting physicians; registered dietitians; and rehabilitative nurses to evaluate each patient’s progress. The team may also meet with a patient’s family and loved ones during the week to provide them with a progress report on the patient’s recovery. Studies have shown that caregiver education and communication can be a critical factor in a patient’s long-term improvement inside and outside of the hospital.

Reunion, however, is not merely committed to high-quality collaboration, but also high-quality collaborators. This means that we exclusively work with the most highly-trained, talented, and compassionate specialists in every community we serve. If you choose to recover with Reunion, you should expect to receive exceptional rehabilitative care.

State-of-the-Art Hospitals

Every Reunion hospital features private patient suites, large common areas where patients can spend time with family and friends, and expansive therapy gyms with the most advanced technology in rehabilitative care. Every day, our patients enjoy a five-star breakfast in our dining room before joining their treatment teams in the gym for therapy.

During recovery, you may learn to use our Omni Stand (which holds you upright and uses fall-prevention technology to improve your balance and gait), our Omni Virtual Reality (which uses a 3D camera to capture your movements and helps you manage cognitive and physical impairments), or our Iowa Oral Performance Instrument (which evaluates your lip and tongue strength to provide you support as you learn to communicate). Whether you’re recovering from a stroke, a traumatic brain injury, or an orthopedic surgery, our team has the strategies and equipment you need to accelerate your healing.

Our team also knows that muscle repair is as important to patient recovery as therapy and, for this reason, we schedule ample time for rest and relaxation each day. During this time, many of our patients enjoy spending time in our outdoor courtyards, visiting with family and friends at our cafés and in our common areas, and examining the artwork on our walls that is customized to each Reunion hospital and community. While recovery is sometimes difficult, we work hard to provide you with a home-away-from-home during your time with us.

Getting patients home is, however, our first priority, because Reunion is both our namesake and our mission. Our compassionate and specialized team is fully dedicated to providing patients with individualized care in comfortable and hi-tech environments. This April then, Reunion will observe World Health Day as we do every day, by “tackl[ing] the health challenges of today” to provide our patients with a better tomorrow. if you or a loved one need support managing your recovery to improve your long-term outcomes, visit https://reunionrehabhospital.c... to find a location near you.

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