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Our Story

In 2019, we had a vision to partner with the best healthcare providers working with the best technology to give patients the best inpatient rehabilitation possible. In early 2020, we began bringing that vision to life with the grand opening of our first Reunion rehabilitation hospital. Since that grand opening, we’ve opened seven new locations in Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Colorado, where we’ve been hard at work making a difference in patients’ lives. And the reviews speak for themselves:

“I was truly blessed to be at this facility. The staff are top notch. The different departments work as a team to optimize the patient’s recovery. I was blown away for the compassion that the staff had and it shows that they love what they do . . . I can not say THANK YOU enough. You all are truly Angels in my eyes.”

Mitch L, Reunion Denver patient

"I’ve been to several rehab facilities but I must say this has been the greatest experience of my life. If you are in a state where you need assistance I highly recommend Reunion. The people are caring and concerning and go out of their way to make sure you get the best care! The facility is clean and the food is excellent!”

Barbara S, Reunion Jacksonville patient

“This is an EXCELLENT facility. The therapists, nurses, nurse assistants and other staff are at the top of their professions. Equally important, they are warm, caring, engaged people. My husband could not stand when he went in and 2 weeks later he is home and walking 500 feet, as well as handling life’s tasks…sitting, standing, dressing, bathing.”

Roxie B, Reunion Phoenix

“I felt absolutely safe here. At home. Sweet people. PTs. RNs. Drs. Everyone, sweet. Humble in the sense that though they may have many yrs of experience, they treat me knowing that with my body they have no experience. This is RESPECT. The Gym is fun. There is music, play and dancing! I am loving being here. The Food !!! Delicious and satisfying. If I ever need it again, I’ll return in heartbeat. In short: Beautiful people. Loving. Compassionate. Gentle professionals.”

Vedson21, Reunion Plano patient

So how do we continually deliver best-in-class care to patients across the country? We work with best-in-class people.

Our People

From our nurses to our doctors to our cooks to our therapists to our environmental services aides to our pharmacists, we hire the best of the best. Every Reunion therapist has advanced training in inpatient rehabiliation as well as BLS certification from the American Heart Association and/or the American Red Cross. They also have decades of experience helping patients heal from illnesses and injuries, including brain injury, major multiple trauma, medically debilitating conditions, neurological injuries, orthopedic injuries, strokes, amputations, and spinal cord injuries.

Like our therapists, our physicians and nurses have extensive and advanced training in rehabilitative medicine. Our doctors are board certified in physical medicine and rehabilitation and are at the forefront of research on spinal cord injuries, strokes, and many other conditions. Many of them have not only served in medical directorships and management roles but earned multiple awards for their leadership. Similarly, our nurses are award-winning veterans in the field who have held management positions and professorships in academia.

Reunion doctors, nurses, and therapists are also committed to giving back to their communities by not only partnering with patients and their families but by mentoring the next generation of healthcare professionals. We believe in creating both exceptional treatment plans, and a culture in which our team can innovate, collaborate, and grow toward a new future in inpatient rehabilitation.

Our Treatment

In addition to working with best-in-class inpatient rehabilitation professionals, we offer treatment plans tailored to our patients’ needs and goals. Following admission, we interview and evaluate each and every Reunion patient to learn about their living environment outside the hospital, their prior level of functioning, and where they want to be in terms of functioning and ability at the end of rehab. Whether rehabilitation involves fall-prevention techniques, gait training, strength training, or speech and language pathology, we believe in short-term, results-focused therapy techniques that empower patients to get back to their lives with as much independence as possible. Additionally, our state-of-the-art rehab technology allows patients to optimize every therapy technique they learn, so they see results and start to feel better sooner.

Our Hospitals

We not only value patient rehabilitation, however, we prioritize patient comfort. While our patients undergo fifteen hours of therapy per week, we also provide them with plenty of time for rest and relaxation and the nutrients they need to heal and build strength. Every Reunion patient is served three chef-prepared meals per day to optimize their long-term recovery. Additionally, our environmental services staff are hard at work throughout the day keeping our hospitals as clean and as safe for families as possible. Every patient has a clean and private suite with bedding designed for maximum comfort. Outside of these suites, our team has customized everything—from the paintings on the walls to the ample seating in the common areas to the landscaping in our courtyards—to provide patients with a home away from home.

Our growth, then, has come from having the right people in the right place delivering the right patient care. As we look toward the future of inpatient rehabilitation, we are grateful for our staff and team members who keep our patients safe and comfortable throughout their time with us. We are also grateful for the patients who have trusted us with their journeys toward better health. Last, we are grateful for the members of the Reunion family (from the therapists to nurses to physicians) who have helped us turn our vision of delivering exceptional care to US rehabilitation patients into a reality. Thank you for your commitment to your communities and to transforming the lives of patients and their families.

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