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At Reunion, our nurses are not just a part of the care we provide, they are the heart of it. As we kick off National Nurses Week, we want to take a moment to express our gratitude and acknowledge the unique contributions our nurses make. From their collaboration with the rehabilitation team to their support for patients and the education of family members, our nurses are the backbone of the rehabilitation process at each of our hospitals.

Making a Difference

This year’s National Nurses Week theme is “Nurses Make the Difference.” Let’s review some ways nurses make a difference at Reunion:

  • Meeting Goals: Nurses continually help patients meet their rehabilitation goals. They do this by offering daily support, tracking progress, and utilizing all of our state-of-the-art tools to ensure patients are both cared for and empowered.

  • Recognizing Progress: Nurses play an invaluable role in tracking treatment plans and encouraging progress. Each of our Reunion patients enters treatment with a unique plan of care, and nurses play a large part in ensuring that plan is carried out.

  • Providing Reliable Support: Our nurses offer 24/7 support so patients can always access care. Whether a patient needs help using the restroom or has a question about their treatment plan, one of our nurses will be there to help.

  • Advocating: Nurses are incredible advocates. From bringing concerns to the attention of the rest of the treatment team to sharing needs with family members when appropriate, there are so many invaluable ways that nurses advocate for patients and improve their lives.

Understanding Nursing Roles

“Nursing” itself is a broad category consisting of multiple types of roles. At Reunion hospitals, patients will work daily with both a Registered Nurse (RN) and a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

RNs focus on many of the medical components of nursing, such as dispensing medication and monitoring complex conditions. Their close collaboration with other members of the treatment team, such as therapists, ensures that progress is being tracked and treatment plans are adhered to. The work of our RNs is instrumental in every Reunion patient's journey, instilling confidence in their constant access to experienced and knowledgeable healthcare providers.

CNAs play a vital role in the rehabilitation process, as they help with many activities of daily living, such as using the bathroom and getting dressed. Through the support that CNAs provide, our patients can regain their confidence and learn strategies that bring them closer to their goals.

Nurses at Reunion

When a nurse joins the Reunion team, there are a few different things we look for.

We ensure each of our nurses is not only informed about rehabilitation topics but also passionate about patient care. At Reunion, patient-centricity and advocacy is at the foundation of what we do and our nurses demonstrate these qualities daily. Reunion nurses are powerful advocates for their patients. From speaking with therapists to asking physicians care-related questions, they understand how to advocate in a comprehensive, patient-centric manner.

Another essential characteristic of a Reunion nurse is collaboration. We encourage communication and collaboration between nurses, therapists, and doctors; this means our patients receive fully informed care and our professionals have all the information they need to create an individualized care plan.

A Day in the Life of a Reunion Nurse

Nurses play an integral role in the Reunion team, but what does their daily work life look like?

Most RNs begin their shifts by catching up on chart notes, checking in with patients, and speaking with the rest of the rehabilitation team. Through the effective communication strategies we’ve implemented at our hospitals, each of our nurses can easily receive updates on their patients and understand what they’ve missed since their last shift.

Nurses spend the majority of their time advocating for patients, coordinating care, dispensing medications, answering medical questions, and sometimes speaking with family members. We always ensure that our nurses are accessible and available so they can respond to requests quickly and answer any questions.

When wrapping up a shift, nurses are responsible for ensuring their chart notes are accurate and the incoming nurse has all the information they need to succeed. When a Reunion nurse clocks out for the day, they can be confident that they’ve helped patients, made a positive difference, and contributed to their community.

Thanking Our Nurses

This National Nurses Week, we’re taking time to recognize and celebrate our Reunion nurses. Our rehabilitation offerings are made possible by the experience and dedication that our nurses bring to the table and we couldn’t be more grateful for the impact that they have. Each of our nurses shows up to their shift ready to encourage, inspire, and help patients reach their goals - which is the core of what we do at Reunion.

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