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This week is National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, but that’s not the only reason Reunion is celebrating. Newsweek also named our Reunion Denver hospital as one of America’s Best Physical Rehabilitation Centers for 2023. Reunion Denver was the top rehabilitation center in the City of Denver (among 10+ other centers) as well as one of the top three rehabilitation centers in the entire state of Colorado. Newsweek writes, “This award recognizes 280 leading inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the United States based on a survey of experts, quality metrics and accreditation data.” These “survey participants were also given an opportunity to specify standout programs in areas like rehabilitation for amputation, brain injury, cancer, spinal cord injury or stroke.” The award speaks for itself. Reunion is providing life-changing care to rehab patients who need it most. In celebration of National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, we’re looking at the people that set us apart as we provide healing and hope to patients across the US.

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week 2023: Celebrating Our Patients

One of the primary goals of National Rehabilitation Awareness Week is to celebrate the progress patients make in rehab. Whether you’re recovering from an injury after an accident, relearning how to speak after a stroke, or learning how to use a prosthetic, Reunion occupational, physical, and speech therapists can give you the tools you need to return to your community with maximum independence. Studies have shown that 81% of our patients transfer back to their communities following rehabilitation and they are 3% less likely to need further hospitalization following rehab than patients at other hospitals. The patients themselves agree with this data, too. As one Reunion Denver patient recently wrote in a review, “All of my therapists and doctors wanted to get me home at nothing but the best and healthiest version of me!”

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week 2023: Celebrating Our People

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week isn’t just about patient success stories, however; it’s also about recognizing the team members that help our patients succeed. Reunion is committed to working with the top professionals in the communities we serve. Many of our therapists, nurses, and physicians have received national recognition for their work treating rehab patients recovering from spinal cord injuries, stroke, brain injuries, and other conditions. Many others have won awards and received accreditation for their dedication to improving patient care. To learn more about our team’s publications, awards, and treatment interventions, check out the Reunion rehabilitation locations page and select a hospital.

National Rehabilitation Awareness Week: Celebrating Rehab Professionals

This National Rehabilation Week, we not only celebrate our patients’ progress and the team members that have made a difference in their lives, but we also recognize the ways in which our leaders have consulted with experts to regularly improve how we deliver care over time. As Newsweek notes, accreditation data and expert surveys are crucial in top rehab care. That’s why every Reunion hospital is accredited with the Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality; we not only hire the best employees for our internal operations, we consult with top experts in rehabilitative medicine from around the country to evaluate the effectiveness of our programs. In partnering we the CIHQ, we ensure we’re able to deliver safe and quality patient care that aligns with Medicare Conditions of Participation. This partnership empowers us to offer exceptional care to patients who need it most.

As we celebrate National Rehabilitation Awareness Week, then, we are grateful for the opportunity we have to make a difference in our community. In doing so, we are proud to partner with best-in-class professionals and outside experts to continually improve care for the patients who seek our support. Additionally, while we are humbled by our recent Newsweek award, we are equally humbled by the patients who entrust us with their healing. As one patient recently put it in her review, “From the time I arrived, I was warmly welcomed. I could barely walk [but] left with confidence and was able to begin slowly starting returning to normal life. Staff felt like family, facility is new and very clean. And the CEO is very down to earth and amazing!” To learn more about our patient services, visit our Rehabilitation Services page.

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