Reunion Rehabilitation Hospitals offer specialized rehabilitation treatment for patients facing life-altering changes after the amputation of a limb has significantly impacted their day-to-day functioning.

How inpatient rehabilitation can help

Patient's with above- or below-knee amputations, or amputations of other limbs, may benefit from Reunion’s amputation rehabilitation services to address walking, strength, psychological adjustment, and adaptive skills.

Our interdisciplinary teams specialize in assessing and treating patients with amputations, working together daily to create results-focused, individualized treatment programs that incorporate physical therapy and occupational therapy.

Our end goal: Restore functional abilities and get you back to community life with as much independence as possible.

Is post-amputation inpatient rehabilitation for you?

Every amputation patient has unique physical, psychosocial, and functional needs. That’s why we never take a one-size-fits-all approach: We design individual plans of care for every patient, tailored to their needs.

Reunion’s amputation rehabilitation services may involve the following:

  • Physical therapy for strength, mobility, compensatory techniques

  • Training in our state-of-the-art therapy gym to mentally and physically adjust to a prosthetic limb

  • Occupational therapy to regain skills you need to take care of yourself and manage in your home

  • Emotional support and tools to manage the psychological impacts of losing a limb

What to expect

Before your transition to Reunion, we work directly with acute-care discharge planners to streamline the admissions process for you.

When you arrive, we’ll map out your treatment based on your unique needs, taking your age, severity of impairments, and chronic health conditions into consideration. We’ll work with you and your support system daily to meet those goals and achieve lasting outcomes.

What to Expect

We’re building Reunion Hospitals throughout the United States in 2021 and beyond. Find the location nearest you.

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